Monthly statistics

These graphs show the evolution of default protocol, v6 address types, and average bandwidth over time.

They are generated using the data collected by the connection test page, and are updated on a monthly basis.

Country level statistics

Overall IPv6 and v4 protocol support

This graph shows the evolution of IPv6 support vs IPv4 for all our connection test.

The numbers are percentages, so we can expect almost 100% of hosts supporting IPv4 with a slow growth for IPv6.

Top 25 countries for IPv6 support (Feb 2018)

  Country Test count IPv4 IPv4 % IPv6 IPv6 %
1.Liberia Liberia113113100.0%10794.7%
2.Aland Islands Aland Islands2020100.0%1785.0%
3.Bhutan Bhutan2121100.0%1781.0%
4.Grenada Grenada262284.6%2180.8%
5.Namibia Namibia13538.5%1076.9%
6.Ukraine Ukraine20,2567,66137.8%15,51876.6%
7.Suriname Suriname312993.5%2374.2%
8.Poland Poland14,1878,44459.5%10,24972.2%
9.Yemen Yemen615996.7%4472.1%
10.American Samoa American Samoa1010100.0%770.0%
11.Japan Japan92,19389,68197.3%63,29468.7%
12.Belgium Belgium7,3097,09597.1%4,84066.2%
13.Jamaica Jamaica5656100.0%3766.1%
14.Russian Federation Russian Federation43,58325,99959.7%27,76963.7%
15.Zambia Zambia1111100.0%763.6%
16.United States United States172,946167,97697.1%108,32862.6%
17.New Caledonia New Caledonia292793.1%1862.1%
18.Belize Belize108108100.0%6762.0%
19.Germany Germany91,54786,05694.0%56,72062.0%
20.Estonia Estonia69769399.4%42861.4%
21.Macao Macao30029698.7%18461.3%
22.Taiwan Taiwan21,42220,43195.4%12,94960.4%
23.Greece Greece6,5376,48099.1%3,93660.2%
24.Portugal Portugal3,6543,59298.3%2,16359.2%
25.Andorra Andorra828097.6%4858.5%

IPv6 and v4 protocol support (unique addresses)

This graph shows the evolution of IPv6 support vs IPv4 for unique users of our connection test.

The numbers are percentages, so we can expect a slow growth towards 50% v4 / 50% v6.

Top 25 countries for IPv6 support (unique addresses, Feb 2018)

  Country Test count IPv4 IPv4 % IPv6 IPv6 %
1.Aland Islands Aland Islands20325.0%975.0%
2.Poland Poland14,1873,60830.5%8,23169.5%
3.Bhutan Bhutan21531.3%1168.8%
4.Russian Federation Russian Federation43,58310,84933.2%21,86966.8%
5.Grenada Grenada26838.1%1361.9%
6.New Caledonia New Caledonia29738.9%1161.1%
7.Suriname Suriname31741.2%1058.8%
8.American Samoa American Samoa10541.7%758.3%
9.Switzerland Switzerland10,1922,30342.1%3,16557.9%
10.Slovenia Slovenia1,47932043.0%42557.0%
11.Japan Japan92,19328,82045.0%35,20455.0%
12.Belgium Belgium7,3091,86945.4%2,24854.6%
13.United States United States172,94650,16647.1%56,33552.9%
14.Germany Germany91,54732,11649.8%32,33850.2%
15.Zambia Zambia11550.0%550.0%
16.Estonia Estonia69722751.2%21648.8%
17.Macao Macao30012251.5%11548.5%
18.Czech Republic Czech Republic6,2131,80151.5%1,69548.5%
19.Sweden Sweden8,2832,63452.2%2,41347.8%
20.Norway Norway4,77889852.5%81347.5%
21.Portugal Portugal3,65496052.9%85447.1%
22.Philippines Philippines1,41654353.3%47646.7%
23.New Zealand New Zealand1,81668853.5%59746.5%
24.Andorra Andorra822253.7%1946.3%
25.Singapore Singapore4,5251,51854.0%1,29546.0%

Default browser protocol

This graph shows the percentage of browsers that default to IPv6 vs. IPv4 when visiting the ipv6-test connection test.

Hopefully, in the not so distant future, the v6 part will grow taller than the v4 one.

Top 25 countries for IPv6 default (Feb 2018)

  Country Test count IPv4 IPv4 % IPv6 IPv6 %
1.Aland Islands Aland Islands20420.0%1680.0%
2.Suriname Suriname31825.8%2374.2%
3.Ukraine Ukraine20,2565,71128.2%14,54571.8%
4.Yemen Yemen611829.5%4370.5%
5.American Samoa American Samoa10330.0%770.0%
6.Namibia Namibia13430.8%969.2%
7.Poland Poland14,1874,78833.7%9,39966.3%
8.Zambia Zambia11436.4%763.6%
9.Belize Belize1084339.8%6560.2%
10.Estonia Estonia69730944.3%38855.7%
11.Russian Federation Russian Federation43,58319,40244.5%24,18155.5%
12.New Caledonia New Caledonia291344.8%1655.2%
13.Japan Japan92,19342,39046.0%49,80354.0%
14.Grenada Grenada261246.2%1453.8%
15.Belgium Belgium7,3093,37846.2%3,93153.8%
16.Greece Greece6,5373,11647.7%3,42152.3%
17.Germany Germany91,54744,06048.1%47,48751.9%
18.Taiwan Taiwan21,42210,47548.9%10,94751.1%
19.Portugal Portugal3,6541,78748.9%1,86751.1%
20.Macao Macao30015752.3%14347.7%
21.Slovenia Slovenia1,47978152.8%69847.2%
22.Moldova Moldova45724353.2%21446.8%
23.Bosnia And Herzegovina Bosnia And Herzegovina24613153.3%11546.7%
24.Brazil Brazil28,89215,58854.0%13,30446.0%
25.Switzerland Switzerland10,1925,59054.8%4,60245.2%

Default browser protocol (dual-stack users)

This graph shows the percentage of browsers that default to IPv6 vs. IPv4 for users that have both v4 and v6 connectivity.

Usually a system will default to v6 when it's available, but in some cases with tunneled connections, v4 stays the default.

Top 25 countries for IPv6 default (dual-stack users, Feb 2018)

  Country Test count IPv4 IPv4 % IPv6 IPv6 %
1.American Samoa American Samoa700.0%7100.0%
2.Jordan Jordan800.0%8100.0%
3.El Salvador El Salvador300.0%3100.0%
4.Suriname Suriname2100.0%21100.0%
5.Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan100.0%1100.0%
6.Zambia Zambia700.0%7100.0%
7.Jersey Jersey700.0%7100.0%
8.Bahamas Bahamas300.0%3100.0%
9.Yemen Yemen4212.4%4197.6%
10.Tunisia Tunisia2813.6%2796.4%
11.Aland Islands Aland Islands1715.9%1694.1%
12.Nicaragua Nicaragua1417.1%1392.9%
13.Paraguay Paraguay1119.1%1090.9%
14.Algeria Algeria2229.1%2090.9%
15.Luxembourg Luxembourg259259.7%23490.3%
16.Estonia Estonia424419.7%38390.3%
17.Iceland Iceland40410.0%3690.0%
18.Philippines Philippines5375810.8%47989.2%
19.Slovenia Slovenia7398311.2%65688.8%
20.Bosnia And Herzegovina Bosnia And Herzegovina1231512.2%10887.8%
21.New Caledonia New Caledonia16212.5%1487.5%
22.Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia1842413.0%16087.0%
23.Ecuador Ecuador761013.2%6686.8%
24.Greece Greece3,87953513.8%3,34486.2%
25.Moldova Moldova2313213.9%19986.1%

IPv6 address types

Here you can see the evolution of address types over time, and measure usage of 6to4 and Teredo tunneled connectivity.

It should be noted that because 6rd works with native addresses, it cannot be detected here as tunneled. This is also the case with VPN based tunnels.

Top 25 countries for native IPv6 support (Feb 2018)

  Country Test count Native Native % 6to4 6to4 % Teredo Teredo %
1.Myanmar Myanmar55100.0%00.0%00.0%
2.Seychelles Seychelles11100.0%00.0%00.0%
3.Faroe Islands Faroe Islands77100.0%00.0%00.0%
4.Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea1212100.0%00.0%00.0%
5.New Caledonia New Caledonia1818100.0%00.0%00.0%
6.Sudan Sudan1111100.0%00.0%00.0%
7.Paraguay Paraguay1111100.0%00.0%00.0%
8.Jordan Jordan99100.0%00.0%00.0%
9.Georgia Georgia22100.0%00.0%00.0%
10.Liberia Liberia107107100.0%00.0%00.0%
11.Martinique Martinique44100.0%00.0%00.0%
12.Oman Oman66100.0%00.0%00.0%
13.American Samoa American Samoa77100.0%00.0%00.0%
14.Maldives Maldives22100.0%00.0%00.0%
15.Iraq Iraq6767100.0%00.0%00.0%
16.Jersey Jersey77100.0%00.0%00.0%
17.Tanzania Tanzania44100.0%00.0%00.0%
18.Suriname Suriname2323100.0%00.0%00.0%
19.Zambia Zambia77100.0%00.0%00.0%
20.Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan11100.0%00.0%00.0%
21.Belize Belize6767100.0%00.0%00.0%
22.Bhutan Bhutan1717100.0%00.0%00.0%
23.Democratic Republic Of Congo Democratic Republic Of Congo11100.0%00.0%00.0%
24.Nicaragua Nicaragua1414100.0%00.0%00.0%
25.Mozambique Mozambique1212100.0%00.0%00.0%

Downstream bandwidth

This graph illustrates the connection speed gap between IPv4 and IPv6, numbers represent v6 speed as percentage of v4 speed.

The lower IPv6 speeds are often caused by tunneling overhead or insufficient v6 connectivity or peering capacity at ISPs.

Top 25 countries for IPv6 speed (Feb 2018)

  Country IPv4 average IPv6 average IPv6 / IPv4 ratio
1.Namibia Namibia0.6 Mbps16.3 Mbps2,691.3%
2.Sudan Sudan0.1 Mbps0.8 Mbps755.7%
3.Nepal Nepal2.2 Mbps9.2 Mbps427.4%
4.Jersey Jersey15.3 Mbps59.3 Mbps386.5%
5.Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia5.0 Mbps17.2 Mbps341.9%
6.Luxembourg Luxembourg13.8 Mbps39.7 Mbps287.0%
7.Thailand Thailand7.4 Mbps18.7 Mbps254.1%
8.Kenya Kenya6.2 Mbps15.0 Mbps243.1%
9.Ukraine Ukraine20.7 Mbps42.9 Mbps206.9%
10.United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates8.5 Mbps17.5 Mbps205.7%
11.Albania Albania1.2 Mbps2.4 Mbps199.6%
12.Serbia Serbia10.7 Mbps17.6 Mbps164.8%
13.Greece Greece7.1 Mbps10.8 Mbps153.2%
14.Paraguay Paraguay4.6 Mbps6.4 Mbps139.9%
15.Philippines Philippines89.0 Mbps124.3 Mbps139.6%
16.Costa Rica Costa Rica17.4 Mbps24.0 Mbps138.0%
17.Japan Japan25.4 Mbps33.7 Mbps132.4%
18.Iraq Iraq7.9 Mbps10.3 Mbps129.9%
19.Colombia Colombia15.5 Mbps20.1 Mbps129.7%
20.Suriname Suriname5.7 Mbps7.3 Mbps128.6%
21.India India6.0 Mbps7.7 Mbps127.5%
22.Singapore Singapore34.0 Mbps42.2 Mbps124.2%
23.Pakistan Pakistan2.1 Mbps2.6 Mbps123.0%
24.Mexico Mexico16.6 Mbps20.4 Mbps122.7%
25.Trinidad And Tobago Trinidad And Tobago20.7 Mbps25.3 Mbps122.0%