Monthly statistics

These graphs show the evolution of default protocol, v6 address types, and average bandwidth over time.

They are generated using the data collected by the connection test page, and are updated on a monthly basis.

Country level statistics

Overall IPv6 and v4 protocol support

This graph shows the evolution of IPv6 support vs IPv4 for all our connection test.

The numbers are percentages, so we can expect almost 100% of hosts supporting IPv4 with a slow growth for IPv6.

Top 25 countries for IPv6 support (Oct 2016)

  Country Test count IPv4 IPv4 % IPv6 IPv6 %
1.Central African Republic Central African Republic342573.5%3294.1%
2.Cape Verde Cape Verde1818100.0%1688.9%
3.Liberia Liberia252496.0%2288.0%
4.Saint Barthelemy Saint Barthelemy181583.3%1477.8%
5.Tanzania Tanzania5353100.0%3769.8%
6.Moldova Moldova55454798.7%38168.8%
7.Singapore Singapore5,8925,73597.3%3,92166.5%
8.Bhutan Bhutan1414100.0%964.3%
9.United States United States130,713128,32598.2%82,82763.4%
10.Jamaica Jamaica4949100.0%3163.3%
11.Belgium Belgium3,2633,14496.4%2,06163.2%
12.Faroe Islands Faroe Islands2121100.0%1361.9%
13.Poland Poland5,7455,31892.6%3,50561.0%
14.Slovenia Slovenia1,1801,16598.7%70960.1%
15.Taiwan Taiwan7,6907,43596.7%4,58159.6%
16.Netherlands Netherlands18,31817,49395.5%10,86259.3%
17.Isle Of Man Isle Of Man1717100.0%1058.8%
18.Hong Kong Hong Kong4,4244,35098.3%2,59358.6%
19.France France11,25010,85596.5%6,45757.4%
20.Czech Republic Czech Republic4,5884,47997.6%2,61957.1%
21.United Kingdom United Kingdom21,02020,63298.2%11,95756.9%
22.Finland Finland4,7484,67998.5%2,69256.7%
23.Mauritius Mauritius17716191.0%9955.9%
24.Hungary Hungary3,8393,75297.7%2,13155.5%
25.Switzerland Switzerland5,8385,61896.2%3,22855.3%

IPv6 and v4 protocol support (unique addresses)

This graph shows the evolution of IPv6 support vs IPv4 for unique users of our connection test.

The numbers are percentages, so we can expect a slow growth towards 50% v4 / 50% v6.

Top 25 countries for IPv6 support (unique addresses, Oct 2016)

  Country Test count IPv4 IPv4 % IPv6 IPv6 %
1.Somalia Somalia738316.7%1583.3%
2.Central African Republic Central African Republic34323.1%1076.9%
3.Tanzania Tanzania531535.7%2764.3%
4.Zimbabwe Zimbabwe932439.3%3760.7%
5.Saint Barthelemy Saint Barthelemy18741.2%1058.8%
6.Belgium Belgium3,26398145.9%1,15454.1%
7.Netherlands Netherlands18,3184,84447.0%5,45453.0%
8.Slovenia Slovenia1,18029048.7%30651.3%
9.United States United States130,71339,04249.0%40,67151.0%
10.Czech Republic Czech Republic4,5881,30149.9%1,30650.1%
11.Zambia Zambia22550.0%550.0%
12.Taiwan Taiwan7,6902,68250.1%2,66949.9%
13.Singapore Singapore5,8921,52751.6%1,43148.4%
14.Canada Canada15,7584,73052.0%4,36548.0%
15.Latvia Latvia54515652.2%14347.8%
16.France France11,2503,83052.2%3,51047.8%
17.Mauritius Mauritius1777352.9%6547.1%
18.Switzerland Switzerland5,8382,19453.4%1,91646.6%
19.Norway Norway3,11878154.2%65945.8%
20.United Kingdom United Kingdom21,0206,88754.4%5,78145.6%
21.Germany Germany65,35624,20254.5%20,20045.5%
22.Romania Romania6,0142,31454.7%1,92045.3%
23.Sweden Sweden5,5761,84355.0%1,50845.0%
24.Bulgaria Bulgaria98029256.0%22944.0%
25.Poland Poland5,7451,87256.4%1,45043.6%

Default browser protocol

This graph shows the percentage of browsers that default to IPv6 vs. IPv4 when visiting the ipv6-test connection test.

Hopefully, in the not so distant future, the v6 part will grow taller than the v4 one.

Top 25 countries for IPv6 default (Oct 2016)

  Country Test count IPv4 IPv4 % IPv6 IPv6 %
1.Central African Republic Central African Republic3425.9%3294.1%
2.Saint Barthelemy Saint Barthelemy18527.8%1372.2%
3.Moldova Moldova55416630.0%38870.0%
4.Liberia Liberia25832.0%1768.0%
5.Tanzania Tanzania532241.5%3158.5%
6.Jamaica Jamaica492142.9%2857.1%
7.Belgium Belgium3,2631,53046.9%1,73353.1%
8.Singapore Singapore5,8922,89049.0%3,00251.0%
9.Slovenia Slovenia1,18059150.1%58949.9%
10.Taiwan Taiwan7,6903,91050.8%3,78049.2%
11.Cayman Islands Cayman Islands271451.9%1348.1%
12.Greece Greece3,7241,99653.6%1,72846.4%
13.Netherlands Netherlands18,3189,85353.8%8,46546.2%
14.Hungary Hungary3,8392,07754.1%1,76245.9%
15.Mauritius Mauritius1779754.8%8045.2%
16.United States United States130,71372,09355.2%58,62044.8%
17.France France11,2506,30656.1%4,94443.9%
18.Czech Republic Czech Republic4,5882,58256.3%2,00643.7%
19.United Kingdom United Kingdom21,02011,85856.4%9,16243.6%
20.Canada Canada15,7588,95256.8%6,80643.2%
21.Germany Germany65,35637,32757.1%28,02942.9%
22.Bahrain Bahrain113,36964,78657.1%48,58342.9%
23.Poland Poland5,7453,36058.5%2,38541.5%
24.Finland Finland4,7482,78458.6%1,96441.4%
25.Switzerland Switzerland5,8383,44259.0%2,39641.0%

Default browser protocol (dual-stack users)

This graph shows the percentage of browsers that default to IPv6 vs. IPv4 for users that have both v4 and v6 connectivity.

Usually a system will default to v6 when it's available, but in some cases with tunneled connections, v4 stays the default.

Top 25 countries for IPv6 default (dual-stack users, Oct 2016)

  Country Test count IPv4 IPv4 % IPv6 IPv6 %
1.Central African Republic Central African Republic2300.0%23100.0%
2.Macedonia Macedonia1700.0%17100.0%
3.Yemen Yemen100.0%1100.0%
4.Bahrain Bahrain600.0%6100.0%
5.Cayman Islands Cayman Islands100.0%1100.0%
6.Uganda Uganda1100.0%11100.0%
7.Jordan Jordan100.0%1100.0%
8.Zambia Zambia500.0%5100.0%
9.Grenada Grenada100.0%1100.0%
10.El Salvador El Salvador2414.2%2395.8%
11.Moldova Moldova374195.1%35594.9%
12.Zimbabwe Zimbabwe4137.3%3892.7%
13.Guatemala Guatemala4548.9%4191.1%
14.Albania Albania1119.1%1090.9%
15.Jamaica Jamaica3139.7%2890.3%
16.Uruguay Uruguay24312.5%2187.5%
17.Chile Chile50714.0%4386.0%
18.Norway Norway1,22519215.7%1,03384.3%
19.Cyprus Cyprus25416.0%2184.0%
20.Tanzania Tanzania37616.2%3183.8%
21.Paraguay Paraguay12216.7%1083.3%
22.Greece Greece1,99633616.8%1,66083.2%
23.Belgium Belgium1,94234217.6%1,60082.4%
24.Slovenia Slovenia69412417.9%57082.1%
25.Hungary Hungary2,04437118.2%1,67381.8%

IPv6 address types

Here you can see the evolution of address types over time, and measure usage of 6to4 and Teredo tunneled connectivity.

It should be noted that because 6rd works with native addresses, it cannot be detected here as tunneled. This is also the case with VPN based tunnels.

Top 25 countries for native IPv6 support (Oct 2016)

  Country Test count Native Native % 6to4 6to4 % Teredo Teredo %
1.Central African Republic Central African Republic3232100.0%00.0%00.0%
2.Saint Barthelemy Saint Barthelemy1414100.0%00.0%00.0%
3.Jordan Jordan11100.0%00.0%00.0%
4.Uganda Uganda1111100.0%00.0%00.0%
5.Yemen Yemen11100.0%00.0%00.0%
6.Bahrain Bahrain48,58248,582100.0%00.0%00.0%
7.Cayman Islands Cayman Islands1414100.0%00.0%00.0%
8.New Caledonia New Caledonia22100.0%00.0%00.0%
9.Mauritius Mauritius9999100.0%00.0%00.0%
10.Bhutan Bhutan99100.0%00.0%00.0%
11.Zambia Zambia55100.0%00.0%00.0%
12.Macedonia Macedonia1717100.0%00.0%00.0%
13.Zimbabwe Zimbabwe4141100.0%00.0%00.0%
14.Liberia Liberia2222100.0%00.0%00.0%
15.Grenada Grenada22100.0%00.0%00.0%
16.Belgium Belgium2,0612,01897.9%100.5%331.6%
17.Singapore Singapore3,9213,83097.7%411.0%501.3%
18.Tanzania Tanzania373697.3%00.0%12.7%
19.Bolivia Bolivia343397.1%00.0%12.9%
20.Ecuador Ecuador36935897.0%00.0%113.0%
21.Iceland Iceland333297.0%13.0%00.0%
22.Uruguay Uruguay323196.9%13.1%00.0%
23.Moldova Moldova38136696.1%20.5%133.4%
24.Argentina Argentina19618895.9%42.0%42.0%
25.El Salvador El Salvador242395.8%00.0%14.2%

Downstream bandwidth

This graph illustrates the connection speed gap between IPv4 and IPv6, numbers represent v6 speed as percentage of v4 speed.

The lower IPv6 speeds are often caused by tunneling overhead or insufficient v6 connectivity or peering capacity at ISPs.

Top 25 countries for IPv6 speed (Oct 2016)

  Country IPv4 average IPv6 average IPv6 / IPv4 ratio
1.Colombia Colombia1.2 Mbps9.6 Mbps795.9%
2.Bhutan Bhutan6.3 Mbps26.6 Mbps420.9%
3.Sudan Sudan1.3 Mbps3.3 Mbps254.0%
4.Luxembourg Luxembourg13.8 Mbps29.7 Mbps214.6%
5.Turkey Turkey23.5 Mbps47.7 Mbps203.0%
6.China China5.6 Mbps11.3 Mbps200.6%
7.Iceland Iceland38.0 Mbps68.1 Mbps178.9%
8.Costa Rica Costa Rica15.4 Mbps26.9 Mbps174.6%
9.Bolivia Bolivia1.0 Mbps1.6 Mbps163.6%
10.Hungary Hungary19.7 Mbps31.5 Mbps159.7%
11.Iraq Iraq21.5 Mbps34.2 Mbps158.9%
12.Egypt Egypt4.2 Mbps6.3 Mbps149.9%
13.Croatia Croatia36.6 Mbps54.8 Mbps149.6%
14.Iran Iran3.6 Mbps5.4 Mbps149.1%
15.Uganda Uganda11.0 Mbps15.9 Mbps145.6%
16.Japan Japan19.7 Mbps27.6 Mbps140.1%
17.Thailand Thailand14.4 Mbps19.7 Mbps136.9%
18.Greece Greece7.0 Mbps9.5 Mbps136.2%
19.Albania Albania4.7 Mbps6.4 Mbps135.4%
20.Belarus Belarus10.9 Mbps14.5 Mbps132.9%
21.India India5.0 Mbps6.5 Mbps129.5%
22.Moldova Moldova15.6 Mbps20.0 Mbps128.4%
23.Israel Israel7.7 Mbps9.9 Mbps128.1%
24.Peru Peru3.9 Mbps5.0 Mbps128.1%
25.Isle Of Man Isle Of Man12.2 Mbps15.3 Mbps125.2%