Japan IPv6 in Japan

These graphs show the evolution of default protocol, v6 address types, and average bandwidth in Japan over time.

They are generated using the data collected by the ipv6-test.com connection test page, and are updated on a monthly basis.

Overall IPv6 and v4 protocol support in Japan

This graph shows the evolution of IPv6 support vs IPv4 for all our connection test.

The numbers are percentages, so we can expect almost 100% of hosts supporting IPv4 with a slow growth for IPv6.

Top 25 internet service providers for IPv6 in Japan (Feb 2023)

  ISP IPv6 tests count
2.Internet Multifeed Co.2,846
3.BIGLOBE Inc.2,765
4.NTT Communications Corporation2,726
5.Japan Network Information Center1,091
6.ASAHI Net, Inc.1,028
8.Rakuten Mobile659
9.KDDI Corporation609
10.Sony Network Communications Inc.543
11.Internet Initiative Japan Inc.520
12.Chubu Telecommunications Co., Inc.104
13.Oracle Corporation103
14.The Constant Company, LLC98
15.Linode, LLC96
16.Softbank BB Corp.95
17.Cloudflare, Inc.81
18.The Constant Company72
19.OPTAGE Inc.70
21.Amazon.com, Inc.67
23.Ntt Docomo, Inc.59
24.SAKURA Internet Inc.58
25.China Unicom Network52

IPv6 and v4 protocol support in Japan (unique addresses)

This graph shows the evolution of IPv6 support vs IPv4 for unique users of our connection test.

The numbers are percentages, so we can expect a slow growth towards 50% v4 / 50% v6.

Top 25 internet service providers for IPv6 in Japan (unique addresses, Feb 2023)

  ISP Unique IPv6 addresses
2.NTT Communications Corporation1,735
3.Internet Multifeed Co.1,436
4.BIGLOBE Inc.814
5.Japan Network Information Center745
6.ASAHI Net, Inc.631
8.Sony Network Communications Inc.361
9.KDDI Corporation349
10.Rakuten Mobile322
11.Internet Initiative Japan Inc.184
12.Softbank BB Corp.78
13.Chubu Telecommunications Co., Inc.77
14.Cloudflare, Inc.64
15.OPTAGE Inc.57
17.Ntt Docomo, Inc.50
18.China Unicom Network48
19.Linode, LLC48
21.Oracle Corporation44
22.The Constant Company, LLC43
23.Amazon.com, Inc.37
24.The Constant Company35
25.Akamai Technologies, Inc.30

Default browser protocol in Japan

This graph shows the percentage of browsers that default to IPv6 vs. IPv4 when visiting the ipv6-test connection test.

Hopefully, in the not so distant future, the v6 part will grow taller than the v4 one.


Default browser protocol in Japan (dual-stack users)

This graph shows the percentage of browsers that default to IPv6 vs. IPv4 for users that have both v4 and v6 connectivity.

Usually a system will default to v6 when it's available, but in some cases with tunneled connections, v4 stays the default.

Top 25 internet service providers for IPv6 default in Japan (Feb 2023)

  ISP Test count IPv4 IPv4 % IPv6 IPv6 %
1.Sony Global Solutions Inc.800.0%8100.0%
2.Aphros Science900.0%9100.0%
3.GMO Internet, Inc500.0%5100.0%
4.Ntt Docomo, Inc.59711.9%5288.1%
5.Energia Communications8112.5%787.5%
7.Google, LLC19315.8%1684.2%
8.Chubu Telecommunications Co., Inc.1042019.2%8480.8%
9.its communications Inc.14321.4%1178.6%
10.NTT PC Communications, Inc.23521.7%1878.3%
12.TOKAI Communications Corporation9222.2%777.8%
13.STNet, Incorporated9222.2%777.8%
14.Asia Pacific Network Information Centre26623.1%2076.9%
15.Community Network Center Inc.13323.1%1076.9%
16.NTT Communications Corporation2,72665624.1%2,07075.9%
17.SAKURA Internet Inc.581424.1%4475.9%
18.The Constant Company, LLC982424.5%7475.5%
20.Rakuten Mobile65918427.9%47572.1%
21.Internet Multifeed Co.2,84679828.0%2,04872.0%
22.Sony Network Communications Inc.54315328.2%39071.8%
23.BIGLOBE Inc.2,76578328.3%1,98271.7%
24.Rainbow network limited7228.6%571.4%
25.Internet Initiative Japan Inc.52014928.7%37171.3%

IPv6 address types in Japan

Here you can see the evolution of address types over time, and measure usage of 6to4 and Teredo tunneled connectivity.

It should be noted that because 6rd works with native addresses, it cannot be detected here as tunneled. This is also the case with VPN based tunnels.

Downstream bandwidth in Japan

This graph illustrates the connection speed gap between IPv4 and IPv6, numbers represent v6 speed as percentage of v4 speed.

The lower IPv6 speeds are often caused by tunneling overhead or insufficient v6 connectivity or peering capacity at ISPs.

Top 25 internet service providers for IPv6 speed in Japan (Feb 2023)

  ISP Test count IPv6 average
1.Aphros Science982.8 Mbps
2.STNet, Incorporated955.1 Mbps
3.The Constant Company7255.0 Mbps
4.The Constant Company, LLC9850.9 Mbps
5.Tdnc644.5 Mbps
6.Oracle Corporation10344.3 Mbps
7.Cloudflare, Inc.8142.6 Mbps
8.Linode, LLC9638.2 Mbps
9.SAKURA Internet Inc.5837.0 Mbps
10.China Telecom1135.3 Mbps
11.NTTDoCoMo1333.5 Mbps
12.Sony Network Communications Inc.54322.2 Mbps
13.OPTAGE Inc.7014.5 Mbps
14.Japan Network Information Center1,09114.3 Mbps
15.KDDI Corporation60913.3 Mbps
16.Internet Multifeed Co.2,84612.1 Mbps
17.Amazon.com, Inc.6711.3 Mbps
18.Jpne3,3739.8 Mbps
19.ASAHI Net, Inc.1,0288.8 Mbps
21.NTT Communications Corporation2,7268.2 Mbps
22.Bbix9967.6 Mbps
23.Internet Initiative Japan Inc.5207.5 Mbps
24.Rakuten Mobile6595.3 Mbps
25.BIGLOBE Inc.2,7653.8 Mbps