Monthly statistics

These graphs show the evolution of default protocol, v6 address types, and average bandwidth over time.

They are generated using the data collected by the connection test page, and are updated on a monthly basis.

Country level statistics

Overall IPv6 and v4 protocol support

This graph shows the evolution of IPv6 support vs IPv4 for all our connection test.

The numbers are percentages, so we can expect almost 100% of hosts supporting IPv4 with a slow growth for IPv6.

Top 25 countries for IPv6 support (Nov 2019)

  Country Test count IPv4 IPv4 % IPv6 IPv6 %
1.Turkey Turkey86,27386,20799.9%85,70599.3%
2.Gibraltar Gibraltar10990.0%990.0%
3.Brazil Brazil46,85846,52799.3%42,10589.9%
4.Philippines Philippines5,1295,11199.6%4,41786.1%
5.Ukraine Ukraine5,4562,30842.3%4,23377.6%
6.Luxembourg Luxembourg32431496.9%24274.7%
7.Bahrain Bahrain3131100.0%2271.0%
8.Japan Japan20,01119,15095.7%13,78768.9%
9.Greece Greece1,9751,89495.9%1,32166.9%
10.Germany Germany39,08536,99894.7%25,23564.6%
11.Jersey Jersey2828100.0%1864.3%
12.Peru Peru23122396.5%14864.1%
13.Paraguay Paraguay424197.6%2661.9%
14.Taiwan Taiwan5,3035,02494.7%3,28161.9%
15.Belgium Belgium2,4702,38096.4%1,52561.7%
16.Ecuador Ecuador14914899.3%8859.1%
17.Sweden Sweden2,5742,48096.3%1,43455.7%
18.Romania Romania1,8171,78198.0%1,00855.5%
19.Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia52752599.6%29255.4%
20.Bosnia And Herzegovina Bosnia And Herzegovina13613599.3%7555.1%
21.Australia Australia7,2027,07998.3%3,97055.1%
22.Poland Poland2,6712,63198.5%1,47055.0%
23.Netherlands Netherlands10,2179,67194.7%5,58454.7%
24.Iceland Iceland196196100.0%10754.6%
25.Canada Canada6,9996,88398.3%3,81854.6%

IPv6 and v4 protocol support (unique addresses)

This graph shows the evolution of IPv6 support vs IPv4 for unique users of our connection test.

The numbers are percentages, so we can expect a slow growth towards 50% v4 / 50% v6.

Top 25 countries for IPv6 support (unique addresses, Nov 2019)

  Country Test count IPv4 IPv4 % IPv6 IPv6 %
1.Philippines Philippines5,12956612.2%4,07487.8%
2.Oman Oman591238.7%1961.3%
3.Belize Belize15541.7%758.3%
4.Japan Japan20,0117,95348.7%8,36151.3%
5.Gibraltar Gibraltar10550.0%550.0%
6.Jersey Jersey281350.0%1350.0%
7.Ukraine Ukraine5,45673151.8%67948.2%
8.Greece Greece1,97573652.2%67347.8%
9.Slovenia Slovenia36312852.7%11547.3%
10.Belgium Belgium2,47078152.8%69847.2%
11.Canada Canada6,9992,07852.9%1,84747.1%
12.Germany Germany39,08513,60153.1%11,98946.9%
13.Australia Australia7,2022,36953.2%2,08246.8%
14.United States United States52,80117,27853.7%14,90246.3%
15.Taiwan Taiwan5,3032,22453.8%1,91046.2%
16.Portugal Portugal87630354.1%25745.9%
17.Switzerland Switzerland3,4981,06254.3%89545.7%
18.Czech Republic Czech Republic2,44478955.0%64545.0%
19.Iceland Iceland19610355.1%8444.9%
20.Brazil Brazil46,8583,97155.3%3,21444.7%
21.Netherlands Netherlands10,2173,38955.3%2,74044.7%
22.Russian Federation Russian Federation12,5094,28355.7%3,40444.3%
23.Poland Poland2,6711,07556.3%83643.7%
24.France France15,3175,20956.3%4,03843.7%
25.Ecuador Ecuador1496556.5%5043.5%

Default browser protocol

This graph shows the percentage of browsers that default to IPv6 vs. IPv4 when visiting the ipv6-test connection test.

Hopefully, in the not so distant future, the v6 part will grow taller than the v4 one.

Top 25 countries for IPv6 default (Nov 2019)

  Country Test count IPv4 IPv4 % IPv6 IPv6 %
1.Brazil Brazil46,8585,17711.0%41,68189.0%
2.Philippines Philippines5,12980715.7%4,32284.3%
3.Ukraine Ukraine5,4561,44726.5%4,00973.5%
4.Bahrain Bahrain31929.0%2271.0%
5.Gibraltar Gibraltar10330.0%770.0%
6.Greece Greece1,97575038.0%1,22562.0%
7.Luxembourg Luxembourg32412438.3%20061.7%
8.Japan Japan20,0118,18140.9%11,83059.1%
9.Peru Peru2319942.9%13257.1%
10.Jersey Jersey281242.9%1657.1%
11.Belgium Belgium2,4701,10844.9%1,36255.1%
12.Taiwan Taiwan5,3032,46246.4%2,84153.6%
13.Lebanon Lebanon823947.6%4352.4%
14.Paraguay Paraguay422047.6%2252.4%
15.Ecuador Ecuador1497147.7%7852.3%
16.Iceland Iceland1969649.0%10051.0%
17.Germany Germany39,08519,34749.5%19,73850.5%
18.Bosnia And Herzegovina Bosnia And Herzegovina1367051.5%6648.5%
19.Malaysia Malaysia2,2221,14551.5%1,07748.5%
20.Romania Romania1,81794051.7%87748.3%
21.Yemen Yemen251352.0%1248.0%
22.Belize Belize15853.3%746.7%
23.Ireland Ireland35819153.4%16746.6%
24.Netherlands Netherlands10,2175,51854.0%4,69946.0%
25.Hungary Hungary2,1851,18254.1%1,00345.9%

Default browser protocol (dual-stack users)

This graph shows the percentage of browsers that default to IPv6 vs. IPv4 for users that have both v4 and v6 connectivity.

Usually a system will default to v6 when it's available, but in some cases with tunneled connections, v4 stays the default.

Top 25 countries for IPv6 default (dual-stack users, Nov 2019)

  Country Test count IPv4 IPv4 % IPv6 IPv6 %
1.Lebanon Lebanon4300.0%43100.0%
2.Bahrain Bahrain2200.0%22100.0%
3.Uzbekistan Uzbekistan700.0%7100.0%
4.Mauritius Mauritius100.0%1100.0%
5.Kuwait Kuwait200.0%2100.0%
6.Qatar Qatar100.0%1100.0%
7.Nicaragua Nicaragua400.0%4100.0%
8.Jordan Jordan200.0%2100.0%
9.El Salvador El Salvador400.0%4100.0%
10.Cyprus Cyprus700.0%7100.0%
11.Venezuela Venezuela400.0%4100.0%
12.Uruguay Uruguay5900.0%59100.0%
13.Dominican Republic Dominican Republic200.0%2100.0%
14.Brazil Brazil41,7745191.2%41,25598.8%
15.Pakistan Pakistan4212.4%4197.6%
16.Philippines Philippines4,3991192.7%4,28097.3%
17.Denmark Denmark308175.5%29194.5%
18.Sri Lanka Sri Lanka1815.6%1794.4%
19.Slovakia Slovakia258166.2%24293.8%
20.Iceland Iceland10776.5%10093.5%
21.Bolivia Bolivia1516.7%1493.3%
22.Yemen Yemen1317.7%1292.3%
23.Greece Greece1,240998.0%1,14192.0%
24.Slovenia Slovenia155138.4%14291.6%
25.Israel Israel157159.6%14290.4%

IPv6 address types

Here you can see the evolution of address types over time, and measure usage of 6to4 and Teredo tunneled connectivity.

It should be noted that because 6rd works with native addresses, it cannot be detected here as tunneled. This is also the case with VPN based tunnels.

Top 25 countries for native IPv6 support (Nov 2019)

  Country Test count Native Native % 6to4 6to4 % Teredo Teredo %
1.United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates8888100.0%00.0%00.0%
2.Suriname Suriname1717100.0%00.0%00.0%
3.Guatemala Guatemala3131100.0%00.0%00.0%
4.Bahrain Bahrain2222100.0%00.0%00.0%
5.Croatia Croatia1717100.0%00.0%00.0%
6.Gibraltar Gibraltar99100.0%00.0%00.0%
7.Ecuador Ecuador8888100.0%00.0%00.0%
8.New Zealand New Zealand376376100.0%00.0%00.0%
9.Chile Chile229229100.0%00.0%00.0%
10.Nigeria Nigeria22100.0%00.0%00.0%
11.Mexico Mexico533533100.0%00.0%00.0%
12.Cyprus Cyprus77100.0%00.0%00.0%
13.Bosnia And Herzegovina Bosnia And Herzegovina7575100.0%00.0%00.0%
14.Kuwait Kuwait22100.0%00.0%00.0%
15.Peru Peru148148100.0%00.0%00.0%
16.Nicaragua Nicaragua44100.0%00.0%00.0%
17.South Africa South Africa214214100.0%00.0%00.0%
18.Bolivia Bolivia1515100.0%00.0%00.0%
19.Sri Lanka Sri Lanka1919100.0%00.0%00.0%
20.Pakistan Pakistan4242100.0%00.0%00.0%
21.Dominican Republic Dominican Republic33100.0%00.0%00.0%
22.Yemen Yemen1313100.0%00.0%00.0%
23.Syrian Arab Republic Syrian Arab Republic1212100.0%00.0%00.0%
24.Costa Rica Costa Rica44100.0%00.0%00.0%
25.Nepal Nepal1010100.0%00.0%00.0%

Downstream bandwidth

This graph illustrates the connection speed gap between IPv4 and IPv6, numbers represent v6 speed as percentage of v4 speed.

The lower IPv6 speeds are often caused by tunneling overhead or insufficient v6 connectivity or peering capacity at ISPs.

Top 25 countries for IPv6 speed (Nov 2019)

  Country IPv4 average IPv6 average IPv6 / IPv4 ratio
1.Cyprus Cyprus7.0 Mbps87.6 Mbps1,256.5%
2.Iceland Iceland60.4 Mbps214.6 Mbps355.1%
3.Colombia Colombia7.0 Mbps23.4 Mbps335.8%
4.Oman Oman8.6 Mbps14.2 Mbps165.7%
5.Dominican Republic Dominican Republic40.9 Mbps63.0 Mbps154.0%
6.Kazakhstan Kazakhstan22.8 Mbps31.9 Mbps140.0%
7.Ireland Ireland75.9 Mbps98.3 Mbps129.4%
8.Thailand Thailand34.7 Mbps43.7 Mbps126.0%
9.Indonesia Indonesia4.0 Mbps4.8 Mbps120.4%
10.Viet Nam Viet Nam11.0 Mbps13.2 Mbps120.3%
11.India India13.2 Mbps15.5 Mbps117.5%
12.Japan Japan17.0 Mbps19.7 Mbps115.8%
13.Malaysia Malaysia13.7 Mbps15.7 Mbps114.6%
14.Israel Israel35.6 Mbps38.9 Mbps109.3%
15.Iran Iran1.7 Mbps1.8 Mbps106.2%
16.Estonia Estonia40.1 Mbps42.3 Mbps105.5%
17.Ecuador Ecuador12.2 Mbps12.6 Mbps103.6%
18.New Zealand New Zealand22.4 Mbps23.2 Mbps103.3%
19.Bangladesh Bangladesh29.0 Mbps29.3 Mbps101.0%
20.Lebanon Lebanon8.2 Mbps8.3 Mbps100.9%
21.Greece Greece27.8 Mbps27.8 Mbps100.3%
22.Romania Romania76.3 Mbps75.9 Mbps99.4%
23.Czech Republic Czech Republic39.9 Mbps39.6 Mbps99.1%
24.Germany Germany56.9 Mbps56.3 Mbps99.1%
25.Paraguay Paraguay11.5 Mbps11.4 Mbps99.0%