The IPv6 test widget

When you add the ipv6 test widget to your website or blog, your users get a light embedded version of the ipv6-test connection test, and a realtime measurement of the ratio of IPv4 vs. IPv6 visitors to your web site.

To start using the widget, copy the HTML code below to your web page where you want it to be displayed.

Widget style

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Discover your IPv4/6 address

Our address discovery API allows you to determine the IPv4, IPv6 and default addresses of any Internet connection.

This is done via HTTP with the 3 URLs below :

You may also add a ?json suffix to the url in order to receive a JSON/JSONP formatted response.

Add an IPv6 test button to your website

You may want to add an IPv6 test button so your visitors know how they connect to your website.

To do so, please choose a background type and then copy the HTML code below to any place you want in your page.

light dark ipv6 test


Do you work for an ISP or tunnel broker, and want a branded version of our tests for your users ?

Contact us for more informations.